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Tantrum of the Muse

"The heaviest band that's ever played here"--Collenbrook United Church
"I'm afraid of the Pollwog" --Paulie Livingston
These are just some of the comments you may hear after a Tantrum of the Muse show. Not afraid to bring reality to the stage, or to your stereo, they stir controversy everywhere, and minister as well as entertain. After a failed attempt to release the full length CD THEHEARTISATWOHEADEDSPERM on another label, they signed to Livingston, and brought with them America's loudest band (*) Sydney Leathyr. The release of the split cassette Tantrum of the Muse vs. Syndey Leathyr will mark the begining of a long career for these three artists. Not afraid to do the unnantural THEHEART... album contains 3 songs with two bass guitars and zero 6 strings. Many songs contain samples of things that happen in everyday life. Tantrum is a metal band, but have been embraced by the Upper Darby hardcore scene, and by indie rock band Mack the Coffeeman. Mixing hardcore vocals, metal vocals and even indie rock vocals you'll never know what's around the bend in a TOTM song.
Tantrum of the Muse vs. Syndey Leathyr will be availible on cassette soon from Livingston Music, along with stickers and patches.

Tantrum of the Muse is:
Steve...Vocals, 4-string, 6-string
Rick...drums, background vocals
Lyrics (availible soon)
Contact Tantrum of the Muse by e-mailing Steve at:
The Tantrum of the Muse website will be up shortly.
(*)Sydney Leathyr has not actually been officially dubbed America's loudest band, but I can't imagine any other 3 guys making a louder sound....

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