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one:21 JxIxSx Sofa Records...Released in 1996 this features 6 fast old school punk songs on a 7" platter. $4.00
The NC Thirteens/Right Turn Eddie blue vinyl Big Chicken Records/Siren Records release from a few months ago. NC13's are total 3rd wave ska core a la Less Than Jake with a new MoonSka distro deal for their selftitled CD. $4.00

persevere/Phanatik split ep Livingston Music...This features demo tapes from early 1998, new school hXc meets old school hardcore...$5.00 [LM001] ('s the only Livingston Release before name change to Silas Records)
7Knots Crain Vitamin E Indie release...this is the last demo tape 7Knots is going to do, hopefully soon they'll be recording a CD for a record label. This has a couple really good songs on it. Limited quantities...$5.00

Another Fiasco Y1999 Silas Records....4 songs from the heart....think VoodooGlowSkulls, Skankin' Pickle, Pennywise, Five Iron Frenzy...Hilight song is Hey Mon the taditional anti-racism tune....$7.00 [SR001]
D.P.W. In Times of War SelfDead Records/A Glam Rocker's Diary...St. Davids' Hardcore. Tight music, insane vocals, incredibly diverse musically, and their style is ever maturing. This is a good compliment to the persevere side of our first cassette, or a good add to any new school hardcore kid's CD collection...$10.00
Deuteronomium Street Corner Queen Little Rose Productions....Death Metal, from Finland. Guns and Roses influence, Living Sacrifice influence...great guitars, solid vocals...and beautiful art work in the insert. $12.00 (imported by Silas Records).
Element Kids These Days Burnt Toast Vinyl..."Jersey grown pop-punk" actually it's 50's rock a la the Philly punk scene. Crissie's vocals usually get lost at live shows, but with the help of Cliffy Huntington producing, you can hear every poppy melody. For fans of music that makes you snap your fingers. (Mikee Huntington appears on one song). $8.00
Gransane Seven Songs Silas Records....Philly's most popular punk band has finally recorded a CD....5 classic Gransane songs, plus two new ones....very good quality...release date...soon after it gets mixed!...$10.00 [SR002]
The NC Thirteens selftitled Big Chicken Records... With MoonSka distro this Warminster PA skacore band is ready to rock the world...12 songs of raging guitars, heavy horns, slamming drums and rough punkcore vocals that make this a good buy for all 3rd wave rudeboys and girls. $10.00
Peabody Myers Twice the Conviction StraightForward/Bedlam....Chicago-land punk rock. Heavy punk, emo, rock, and even some hardcore influences. Great lyrics, some samples, and even piano parts. $10.00
Shorthanded Simple Boot to Head Records....This melodic punk trio plays short fast songs with great hooks. For fans of ALL, and NoFX. $10.00
Tantrum of the Muse THEHEARTISATWOHEADEDSPERM Indie release....these guys decided to indie release their full length. 12 tracks of metal chaos, lots of well placed samples, great guitars, and vocals that will kock you over....$8.00
Taunt It Works For Me! This indie release CD features a great Ohio punk band. Fun, poppy tunes about driving, Mr. Rogers, and even a lot of spiritual lyrics. $10.00
various artists Connect the Dots, VOL 1 Let's Jet Records...Features Vroomx2, Gransane, Seven Knots Crain, Seventh Vision, Muchacho Vivo, and Squad 5-0 covering "Ice Ice Baby". $5.00

Send Check or Money order payable to Paul Miles (please no cash, it disapears easily) to: Silas Records
332 Shaw Rd.
Ridley Park, PA 19078
please include $3.00 for US Prioirty Mail, and always, ALWAYS tell us where to ship your stuff...mailorder is fun at Silas, cuz you get free stuff...maybe just an old toothbrush, maybe a baseball card worth a nickel, but you'll get something.

If you want your band's stuff on this page, send a sample, band bio, and your wholesale prices to the address above.

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