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What Silas Records is, and is not... Silas Records is run by Christians, and the people in the bands are Christians.  We are not a typical "ministry" label.  Our ministry is in our one on one interaction with people.  We feel that is the most effective ministry for us.  We support non-Christian bands as long as they are friendly to work with.  We will not support satanic, anti-Christian, pro-hate, pro-racist, pro-choice bands because we feel that those people do not deserve our help.  We are a politicaly minded label with concerns about racism, hatred, abortion, censorship, and all other forms of oppression in this country.  We are pro-life, pro-racial harmony, anti-censorhip, and anti-violence (violence both in the scene, and perpetrated by our country).  We are not a big-buisness, I run this label on a shoestring budget, trying to make ends meet, and still sell the merchendise we carry at bare-minimum.  We are not perfect.  I struggle with my favorite sins, and I work hard to deal with them, I ask for your prayer and support as I strive to be more Christlike in body and in mind.  We are not militant Christians, I personally feel that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, and through his sacrifice alone can we gain eternal life.  I feel that I have a great gift in the promise of eternal life through Christ.  However I feel it is wrong for Christians to stand in the backs of pickup trucks with bull horns screaming "repent, or you're going to Hell."  Hell is a real place, a place I was headed, but I want everyone to know that God doesn't want to send you to Hell, he wants you to make that one decision that gives you eternal life, and that decision is on what the name Jesus Christ means to you.

What are Silas Records' goals?  We want to become a major force in the music industry, I hate that stores jack up prices from $8 to $15 even $20 for a CD, who can afford that?  Most kids buying this music make about $5.50 an hour, so that's working 3-4 hours on the drive thru window for a CD you should be able to get for under $10.  We also want people to see the good bands, and not the bands that Carson Daly grooves to.  Soooo, we're planning on doing videos for our bands, not the typical label-ego-boost look at all our cool bands videos, but like look at this awesome band, we're happy to help them videos.  We also want to help good bands, not necessarily popular bands.  I'd also like to be able to make a living on this so I can concentrate on supporting the music scene full time.

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