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Loss For Words hails from Carlisle, PA....a town reknown for it's cars. Loss For Words will put it on the map for punk rock. The L4W style is poppy enough to get the youth pastors snapping their fingers, but melodic enough to keep the punks in the pit.

Loss For Words is a very young band from a very boring town and many of you know that youth plus boring town plus punk rock equals one heck of an energetic show. These guys pride themselves on three things, Jesus, punk rock, and Loren's tattoos. The debut release Stumbling Blindly Through the Dark is out now, and rips, the recording sounds like a mix of punk and pop-emo, maybe Ghoti Hook gone Brandtson?  Who knows, it's just plain good music from the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania.

Loss For Words is:
Loren Hockensmith -- lead guitars/lead vocals
John Geiman -- guitars
Evan Kepner -- bass/bgvocals
Kyle Sollenberger -- drums

Contact info e-mail Matt the Manager at:

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