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Bios have always been hard for me to write. What do I say about myself that makes a difference to anybody? I'm a boring guy that likes loud music, and loves God. If you're reading this, I suppose you want to know why music. Well, as a kid I was a jock, I played most sports for at least one season (except for ice hockey and basketball), I thoroughly ruined my knees and had to basically give up sports. I was also shy right through high school. When I started college I decided to wipe the slate clean, I got involved in a Bible study on campus, and was more outgoing. Two of the kids in the Bible study, Rich Gambrill and Meg Glenn were into Christian music, so we started going to shows together. Another friend of mine Dan was in a punk band called Soda Jerks, so I would tag along to shows with him getting to know Aisle 7 (now Tickle Watson), Gransane, Speedy Delivery (RIP), and some other bands pretty well. These guys in these bands became really good friends of mine, and I wanted to help them somehow. One day I felt God leading me into starting a record label. That was December '96, in February '97 I started a distro called PrayTone Records, setting up basically at Breakthru Cafe. It was also in February that I got hooked up with Another Fiasco. PrayTone putted along with Fiasco through the release of their first demo tape (Merry Melodies), and through signing The Look Trick. In late May early June I was getting tired of PrayTone Records (the name), so I was reading through 1 Peter and read a verse that called Believers Living Stones...that eventually became Livingston Music, and on June 6th we officially became Livingston Music, and Mook became my first partner. That worked well and we picked up Sidney Lethyr and Loss For Words as Livingston, this website got started under the Livingston name, and our first split release Persevere/Phanatik was released as Livingston. In Decemeber Jim from Tantrum of the Muse, and Amy and Emily from Third Nail joined as partners and we decided that we needed close to a fresh start, so we changed the name again to Silas Records. Then Jim, Amy and Emily decided to back out (with no hardfeelings at all), so me and Mook just decided to press on.

Well, I guess that turned into more of a label history than a bio. I suppose I'll tell you a little bit about me, I like writing poetry and short fiction, I also enjoy movies, TV and live theater. No brothers or sisters anymore, and my Mom is a single parent. I was thirteen when I was saved, and even though I've backslid sometimes, I feel that I am maturing as a Believer everyday.

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