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The Elkton scene has given us many great things, Kubla Khan and "Die Lady Bug Die", Bill Brown and his experience, and Sidney Lethyr. Playing artistic distrorton free metal makes them another very artisitc band for us. Unique vocals bringing meaningful lyrics may not go over well in the Upper Darby hardcore scene, but for fans of good music this is a metal band to experience. Bringing together a jazz aficiando with a talented drummer from punk band Beyker, and a thirteen year old bassist, makes for a very eclectic sound that drives and thumps it's way though your body and soul. Recently dubbed America's Loudest band at Wogfest '98, and playing an impromptu set with Bill Brown of Pterydactl made Sidney Lethyr one of the best stage acts I've seen in a while.

Sindey Lethyr is crashing Ohio in mid-February and taking Loss For Words with them...February 19th they'll be invading Columbus and taking Even Angels and The PUStinkers hostage e-mail: for info...the 20th they'll be in Pataskala Ohio (so we think...we'll post more info once the invasion orders are declassified), we're looking for a city to loot and pillage on the 21st...if you want us to ransak your town, e-mail: for booking.

Look for Sidney Leathyr to come out swinging on their half of Tantrum of the Muse vs. Sidney Lethyr

Sidney Lethyr is:
Darrel...vocals, guitar
lyrics (availible soon)
Contact e-mail:
website is coming soon....

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