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Kennett Square is known for two things, mushrooms, and the smell of mushrooms. Out of the Mushroom Capital of the World comes The Look Trick, melodic punk with way poppy hooks. Another band that's been together around a year, they were Livingston Music band #2, joining us in March, and, wait, no, they still haven't recorded. They do have 3 demo tapes, The Look Trick, Live Ammo (recorded July 17th at a show with Square Deal and Ghoti Hook), and Third Times' the Charm (the best recording yet). They've come a long way since that first demo tape, and have matured even more since the third demo tape, adding George Krail, Jr. as a second guitarist (you may know him from Square Deal), and adding Nikki Krail as merchendise chick (they didn't invite her, but I guess she comes with her brother...). Be ready when The Look Trick cassette comes out (we don't know when yet, but it will, oh yes, it will) because it will rock, long and hard. Look for The Look Trick in the produce isle, next to shitake mushrooms.

The Look Trick is:
Tyler Wynn...lead vocals/gutars
Jojo vocals
Luke Slocumb...bass guitar/vocals
Jason Goslin...drums/background vocals
Brian Cuzzolina...promotions/distro/zine
Lyrics (availible soon)
Contact e-mail: The Look Trick's website is:

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