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"The heaviest band that's ever played here"--Collenbrook United Church
"I'm afraid of the Pollwog" --Paulie Livingston

These are just some of the comments you'll hear after a Tantrum of the Muse concert. They've blended a unique range of styles, metal, indie rock, Stryper, Mac the Coffeeman, music and mayhem. This blend makes them possibly the most unique band in the Christian industry since ScatterdFew. Their full length album "THEHEARTISATWOHEADEDSPERM" is availible in limited quantities through Silas Records and the band....Check them out, if you dare.
Tantrum of the Muse is:
Steve...Vocals, 4-string, 6-string
Udrick...drums, background vocals
Contact Tantrum of the Muse by e-mailing Steve at:
The Tantrum of the Muse website will be up shortly.

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